Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life In General

Hi there,
I have such trouble finding a title for my posts, because I remember my blog and start to make a post. Not thinking about anything to write. Just randomly brainstorming. I try to pick titles that leave room for drastic subject diversions.
I had a TKD test today and am now in pain. Which actually could be why I am making this post and not doing something boring with my time like cleaning my room. I had to break a board with a backspin, and it hurt. Have I mentioned that I'm in pain? It amazes me how one small event in my day slowly takes over all other areas of my life.

      Anyway on another diversion; I got to play airsoft on Friday! First time with my new gun! I hit two people and somehow dodged the pain of being struck myself. I hope to play much more this summer. Yay.

     Well I am being asked/pushed/threatened to leave the computer, so I must bid you all farewell. But for your complete happiness and enjoyment I have been gracious enough to include a splendid Chuck Norris joke.

Fun talking at you! :P
*Somebody once saw Chuck Norris' diary. It is now known as the Guiness Book of World Records.* :)

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