Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cat naps

'Ello there,
Two days ago I had a wonderful time on top of the hay bales in my familys new hayshed taking a "cat nap" with all my cats:) It was snowing hard and the snow made a soft tinkling of the tin roof. I was surrounded by warm, purring cats, and at one point, Gilligan came and started licking my face. Gilligan is a fat, friendly cat:)
I'll have pics coming on a later post:)
-Karl P.


  1. But personally, I prefer doggy naps. We only have about...7 to pick from. I always prefer Rusty, me poochie, best. You have interesting cat name(s). What other names have you used?

    Ours are mostly generic...
    And of course the odd one,

    Evil twin (!).

  2. Wow, for dog names we have Wally and Butterscotch. And for cats there is Gilligan, Ape, Confused, Frightful, Bashful, Blue(who is actually an orange cat:) Bill, and sometimes, when he's around, Hutch Johnson:)
    And as long as I'm typing cat/dog names, I'll tell you our cows names; Hershey, Cocoa, Snickers, Russell "Rusty" Stover, Tollhouse, Ghirardelli, and the odd one: Sylvia:)
    And the icelandic sheep that my mother named after my great aunts;)
    Do you have any other odd pet names?

  3. Aaaaaah, no? Dog names: Rusty (Honey colored) and Honey (Rust-colored) Tanner--actually tan, Hunter (sooo cute!) Misty, Lady and TJ--Tanner Junior, offspring of Lady and Tanner. He finally sold! We raise pups. Horses...Austen/Midnight, Knightly (ancient!) and Jewel. We're currently boarding two more, Poco (rude as can be) and Rufus. We're also about to aquire another, Dance. S'about it. Oh, there's the bird. I can't remember his official name, I think it was Merry (after Lord of the Rings) but we've called him Squawk since he opened his beak.

    How do the aunts feel about the icelandic sheep?

  4. Umm, all but one have passed away:( And I don't think she knows:)
    We have one extra sheep so we named her "Ewe":)
    Hopefully I can put a video of Wally jumping through the snow on here:)
    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy new year to you too! Cheers!

  6. I must say, those are some pretty epic animal names! My faves: Gilligan, Confused, Evil twin (!), Tollhouse and Squawk. :)

  7. You wouldn't have liked Evil Twin in person. He was about as mean as...wait...she! (It's been a while since she ran off) She was about as mean as they get.

    Wait! I forgot to mention the craziest kitty of all! Moses was the one we picked up off of the interstate. Mistake. He was nice as can be, to us. But he absolutely hated dogs. He wasn't content to flee from them. Oh no. He had to stalk them. Crazy cat. He actually would come up to our dogs with his tail poofed out and start moaning at them and hissing!

  8. Original name;) You should get him a reed basket to sleep in;)
    I think that if you had named Evil Twin something else she would have been nicer. The cat that we named Confused has turned out to be extremely confused! Although Moses might be an exception:)

  9. Moses met his unfortunate end. Perhaps his nine lives wore out, perhaps he was really 120 or something. Dunno.

    As for Evil Twin, she had no clue as to her name, and we named her after we discovered her character. Theory blown.